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Dangerous Mind lyrics

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TVXQ – Dangerous Mind lyrics

[Cm] sahrangeul malhaejoodun ubsool, eejehn kalnal gateun salgeeman nae gaseumeh baghyuh
{[Cm, js] salm eui junbooyuhtdun geu sarangee eejehn agmong gatah}
[All] jeetbalhyussuh, duhrubhyussuh
[Jj] nah, gacheereul uhlhuhbuhreen jonjae shideuluh ganeun ggocheepchuhrum

[Yc, cm] I say, put him up! [Yh] youngwunhal gutman gattatdun
[Yc, cm] I say, put him up! [Yh] sahrangeun eemee dogeul poomeun baem
[Yc, cm] I say, put him up! [Yh] meeraeneun machee amheuk gateun ggoom.
[Yc] eejehn busuhnal soobakkeh ubsuh

*[All] I can't never forget. To me, dangerous your mind
They can't never stop it. To me, dangerous tonight
Naegah geureul jookyuh sarang ubneun duhrubheemdo, nal beeootgo itneun oonmyungkkajee dah

[Yc] He will {be} never stoppin' what they do. And yes or not! Come on mideumeul ilhuhbuhryuh galgeelee sarajyuhbuhreen geudaeneun paebaejarangul. Neh sesangdo ahn dweeneungur
[Jj] eenjunghal soobakkeh ubneun guhyah
[All] Pump that, pump that, pump that, pump that
[Js] ganghan janeun peehae yaghan janeun ojeeg neh gajogeengur Oh~ geuraesun ahn dweeneun gundeh

[Jj] {You} make a hell inside, beatin' every night, are you crying when I cry
Hurt me everday

[All] It's gonna break apart... It's gonna kill my Pride
Geudae, jeekyuhyah haetdun sojoonghangur seuseuro pagohae buhreego malah
Break your Home... No more, not today
Youngsuhbadeul soo ubneun geudael hyanghae naeryuh ggoteun wunjoiyo

[Js] uhlmahnah maneun naleul saranghagee weehae ssuhyah dah chaeool soogah eesseulkkah
Ggeutubshee yongsuhaneun yonggee sogeh eesseulkkah

[Jj] juhlmangee geudae salmeul guhcheen badag sogeh dunjyuh dashi eeluhsuhl soo ubseul ddae
Geudae eui geemee dweego nogah doeel soo itneungul

[Yc, cm] Fun that, fun that, fun that, fun that guhjeetmaleh dongyohaneun mutjin sesang
[Yh] Uh, uh. Come on, let me talking about that, Funky town. It's the Funky Town made a tricky tricky world
[Yc, cm] Fun that, fun that, fun that, fun that aessuh weemyunharyuh haneun mutjin sesang
[Yc gacheereul nonhal peelyojochee ubneun guh ohjeeg geuguh maneh yulgwanghaneh


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