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[Lil Wayne]
You know it's Wheezy you know
N***a you know it's Wheezy you know
You know it's Wheezy you know
Who Squideye

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
I ain' just jumped off da porch playboy
I been thuggin on da block
Fist clutchin' on da glock
Who Bout it
M**********are let me know s**t
Y'all wit that hoe s**t
I keep the for grip
Hollowed tips fill the whole clip
Trippin' ya feel da whole clip
Get It
I'm on some mo s**t
Quad Mafia blow s**t
Never slept for dough or no b***h
I only want a hoe for those lips to lick my whole clique
And load the b***h wit coke and s**t and send her on a road trip
I'm so sick wit it
D**k n***a what is your purpose
I'm off the surface
Platinum merchandise shining perfect
For certain firearms
This verse seem like it's dirty squiddy
Put bullets in yo shirt and fit it if you jerkin wit me
? Pops don't yourself the next statistic
You may be hard but seeing your chopped off is less convincing
Which n***a want it
Holla at me I'll be at the top
With cha wife slobbing on my c***
And your kids calling me pop I can't be stopped

[Hook: Lil Wayne 2x]

They run in yo place four straight to yo face
These ni***z don't play
Believe me s**t ain all right
They cut off all lights
And they ridin' all night
Till some s**t that you don't like let's go

[Verse 2: Turk]
N***a look here you can play wit me or my dogs If ya won't
And watch how quick yo b*****s wind up gettin' left faunked
I dress in black rat a tat tat leave ya flat n***a
At any given time you gonna see that n***a
Lil Turk and Wheezy straight thugged out
We got choppers wit 50's that'll clear it out
You could test the nuts If ya won't round
You know you done f****d up so it's goin' down
Get fulla dat one on one and we don't give a f**k
It's you or me, me or you n***a so what's up
Now tell me, Is you really bout dat beef s**t
Bringin dat heat s**t, killin yo peeps s**t
Cuz If you not then it's best you stay your distance n***a
Cuz when we pull da trigger look we ain' missing n***a
I'm a hit cha in yo melon split it to da fat
Leave yo moms on da front level draped in black

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3 Lil Wayne & Turk]

[Lil Wayne]
F**k wit a turn or bed for bags, b*****s, or bread
And we mash quickly in a drout and blast snitches they scared
Take snap pictures for fedz we blast riches and ice
Snatch at night get em back depending the price
Livin the last minutes of life and we do it huge
My whole crew 'll does whos background to s***w
And we feud wit anyone to two shatter ya cabin
Come around ya block ni***z disappear like abra cadabra

Lil turk don't play n***a look betta recognize
When my finger get ta fuckin all you ni***z gon die
Hit cha set in camoflague 50 shots what I fire
Lay down and get cha mind right I bet cha won't survive
I put that on everthing against anything ya bet
If a n***a get it twisted get holes in his chest
? Vest ain no way you protect it
Last n***a got bust up cuz he disrespected

[Hook til end]

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