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Tumor Circus – Fireball lyrics

Pinball in the pocket
Fate is not our own
Something has to switch the machine on

Drop a quarter in
You're popped up from below
Outside the glass
Spring's pulled back
Ready or not here you go

You're on the field
Bumper to bumper
Wall to wall
Lights go on
Bells go off

Flipped around
At the whim of unseen hands

Riding the fireball
How long will it last
Each force
Decides where the other goes
And they're all out of control

Some people know they've got it
Other people don't
Ain't born with it
It takes both work and luck

Reach for strands of meaning
They all fly by so fast
Like picking branches from a train
It all slips through my hand

Riding a fireball
How long will it last
Trying to balance
On a floor always tilting down
Life roars by in such
A whirl of energy
Confidence, direction, speed
Knock down targets, rack up points
Try not to fall back down that hole

Time stops
Look around
Out there with you
Your more powerful twin
The one whom seems to be everything
You though you could never be

It's now or never
To knock 'em down
And sort of be free
You're on a roll now... Go!

Action, equal reaction
Big obstacles aren't so much bigger after all
One chance
Leads to another and another

One shot
Might aim you
Straight through the gates
To wake the Gods

Release Wotan
Odin too
Extra balls
Allies, chances
Then one by one they vanish

Every day
Rocket fuel
Or they get in the way
On your own
Trying not to fall
With no means of but you

Riding the fireball
Gotta make it last
Way beyond
What you thought your limits were
Can almost grab the reins and use
That energy
Thrust and thwack and ricochet
One wrong shot your, you're helplessly
Rolling back down towards that hole

Game over
Plopped in the dark
At least I have time
To sort through all these flashes in my mind

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