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Trip Lee – Give Him Glory lyrics

Yeah, if they only knew man.
Don't worry about who I am man.
Cause I ain't nothing but a tool for God's glory.
You know what I'm saying.

I'm not trying to get cash, this task
Hate to make our hits last (the world)
??? The beats so fast
Your boy got whiplash
We got different motives/ I ain't trying to get the dough/ it's switched and now we spitting flows/ and living just to lift Jehovah/
Forget my name and my face/ I ain't just an entertainer / we was made for the Savior/ to glorify His name bruh
So when we walk out we Walk it Out/ with crosses on our back/ and we live for the One we talk about/ and He taught us how to act bruh
We aint here for our pleasure/ we aint here to have fun/but to help them see our God better/ we aint trying to stack funds
I aint telling fairytales/aint just telling my story/cause my life aint worth nothing/if it aint giving God glory
So I aint got no songs where I repeat my name/ in every single song you're hearing Jesus reigns
No I aint much of nothing/ nothing but a sinner bro/ by grace I'm more/ I praise the Lord/ the only thing worth living for.

Ay, I aint living for myself
No it aint about me
Anything the Lord do
He can't do without me
So give him glory (with your beats)
Give him glory (with your verses)
Give him glory (in the streets)
Give Him glory (in your churches)

We tryna lift His name up
We don't want you praising us
Putting Christ front and center
And we laying in the cut
So give him glory (with your beats)
Give him glory (with your verses)
Give him glory (in the streets)
Give Him glory (in your churches)

2nd Verses
When I eat, sleep, hit the streets/its only for His glory man/Plus I can grow each time I read/ He put it all before me man
Naw I aint gotta wonder how to please him with my life/ its in the Bible man I can model what I see up in the Christ
God came in the flesh/he's the best/ I can mock his living
And it was clear while he was here He was all about His Father's business
He wasn't worried about himself/ he was humble as a mug
He taught the folks how to act and was showing others love
We aint trying to promote self, naw
We giving cats the Bible
We aint trying to make dough/we trying to make disciples
Each time we learn we pass it on to a group of faithful men/we read it back/ we teach the cats/ we pray they take it in
And when we make decisions/each time we have to base them/ on how the Lord can get His glory/ out the situation
It says in Proverbs???/ His glory is our purpose/ so if we living for ourselves/ our life is truly worthless


Trip Lee-
So give him glory (with your beats)
Give him glory (with your verses)
Give him glory (in the streets)
Give Him glory (in your churches

So give Him glory every day man
Give Him glory in every way man
Don't start living for yourself homie
Don't get led astray


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