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Trinidad James – Ok lyrics

I said be witness till' we bashin'
And my bitch so bad, it's tragic
I been fresh than that Dirk Kassidy
Who the fuck you, wiz? I'm fashion
I got a tat in my heart say passion
I got my man, Pot No
Fuck, nigga, what's happenin'?
I'm bad ass, nigga
I ain't laughing
I buy a brick with my last

I ain't ever sold crack
But I manage
And I ain't proud of this shit, nigga
But I'm happy
I said broke niggas make you sick?
Well, broke niggas make me laugh
Feel so they are protect(?)
They shit on you so bad
Hazers make me sad
Now they make me clash
Got 100-5000 in the bank
I spend it all on an 88

I said ooooooook
I said ooooooook
This shit aight
This shit aight

Big black nigga, pouring quarters in my watch
Trapping bad cap, bringing bricks big as Pac
Ugly ass fil, made the grill on the drop
Putting all young niggas squating out for life
My niggas a majority, it's all a nigga got
Quarter pound of red ellis, I warmed to a stop
I just hit a nigga bitchin', nigga type it out
Ow, killa, ow, killa
Smile like Trinidad, don't they puke?
Pimping and spiling, I are they sprinting?

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