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Trey Songz – In Africa lyrics

You Know I ball so hard Atlantic will never trade me
And You niggas could never play me
I run the game, these lame, no name ass niggas never be where Trey be
Ball so Hard this shit dumb
I'm so cold, wrist so numb
And this for sure as I was born in '84
That with my whip alone can make a bitch c**
Ball So Hard, I'm Amazed, Ya'll so fired, I'm so paid
Ball So Hard, Since I'm On, It's only right that I put on
Go Trey, Ok, I Go oj, Crazy shit
Sip Some, and then some, I Lynch Some, Can't Hang With this

Ball So Hard, Got a New Safe, Goes well with my new place
They Freaking, I'm beasting, Ball So Hard, I'm about lose weight She wanna
Have s**, screw face, Touche, What You say
You heard me certainly, She gave me Top A. K. A Toupee
Mercy me Moi Excuse, Stuff Two Pretty birds in the coup-e
I'm in the zone, niqqas better shoot me 'fore I kill another track
It's getting too crazy
That shit Cray, Ain't it Yay? Ain't It Jay?
I'm nice ass shit, Ya'll like this shit
How I Ike this bitch so Anime

Ball So Hard Mu'Fuckas Gotta Pay Me
That's Just Trey (Trigga Stupid)
That's Just Trey (Trigga Stupid)
That's Just Trey

Ball So Hard Mu'Fuckas Gotta Pay Me
That's Just Trey (Trigga Stupid)
That's Just Trey (Trigga Stupid)
That's Just Trey

She said "Trigga thought You said you knew Hov? " (I Do)
I turn around an said "I Need some new hoes" (I Do)
She said "You fucking with an Actress I Was Told " (But You Knew)
Remind of that song I got with J Cole
Ball So Hard, Set shit Straight, Out the Gate
I Have to say, I'm better then other rappers, Sad to say
What She Order I Had the Steak, ass was great
Beat the pussy up, Cassius Clay
Fronting on me that's a bad mistake
Getting Hard Cause of the shots your ass'll take
Real Eyes Realize Yo ass is Fake
Probably tell lies till you pass away
Uhh, actually, Real nigga I have to be
These Lil niqqas is so after me
I birth their style so bastardly
Now you can report things accurately
Boss shit that's what happening
What's Fendi Mu'Fuckaa?
Tailored Suit with Some Chuckers
No I don't know Wiz Khalifa But I be Blowing the reefer
Therapy cause I'm feeling, Post Trauama For Killing
Say V8 I'm Virginia, I'm Planet Apeing On you niggas

(Scene From "Blades of Glory")
I don't even know what that means
(No one knows what it means, but it's provocative)
No it's not, it's gross (Gets the people going)

Ball So Hard Mu'Fuckas Gotta Pay Me
Ball So Hard Mu'Fuckas Gotta Pay Me (Trigga Stupid)
That's Just Trey (Trigga Stupid)
That's Just Trey

You are now fucking with Songz
I'm not the one to front on
Tell everybody here I'm gone
Think you see me, No you don't
Watch my wtaching stones
Talk to the money often I think I gotta Love Jones

You not fucking with Songz
You not fucking with Songz
You not fucking with Songz

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