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Travis Porter – Put It In Yo Mouf lyrics

Oooohhh ahhh (go head) [x3]
Put it in yo mouf
Put it in my mouf

Said you gone put it in yo mouf
I guess I'll sit back and enjoy da show
All you bitches going down so I call you domino's
Which one of ya'll wanna go
Meet me at da conco
They say why dem bitches leave?
Man dem bitches come and go
And den she went below my wasit
Man I swear dat bitch can damage some
And she do it with her mouf
So she always keep her panties on
She do it when her man ain't home
She do it cause her man ain't wrong
And den guess what I said...

Oooohhh ahhh (go head) [x3]
Put it in yo mouf
Put it in my mouf

Oooohh aaahhh
Kesha suck some good dick
Oooohhh yeahhh
Psh psh psh psh put it in yo mouf
(Ion do dat) shortie what you talkin bout
What you gotta lip ring for gone use it
Strap flocka flocka flame oh lets Do it
Face down ass up dats da way she like to fuck
I just got dat check so girl come get thses bucks

Oooohhh ahhh (go head) [x3]
Put it in yo mouf [x2]
Put it in my mouf [x2]

Uhhh bitch chill just go head
I don't won't no fuck you baby
I just want yo head
So when I come over baby don't lay on dat bed
Just get on your knees and proceed to give me head
I be like fast den slower
Dats what I told her
Legs over shoulder and I don't even know her
I ain't tryna lay up wid you bitch
So just go head but you can come back in da morning

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