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Transatlantic – All Of The Above lyrics

[I: Full Moon Rising]

In a state of fallen grace
With a smile upon it's face, it came!
Full moon rising today

Like a child but fully grown
Like a star but not so far away!
It came here to take me away


This has never been before
While the sun burns bright as day
Light the sky - hold back no more
Let the full moon rise today
Full moon rising today

So there I was with my complaints
In the comfort of my restraints I stayed
I stayed and had nothing to say
But there it was returning for my eyes
Like a fire that's been burning up the sky
Full moon rising today


[Ii: October Winds]

There's a town I used to know
There's a place I used ti go to play
Laughin' all the way
Never thought of where I'd been
Autumn wind came creepin' in one day
Now summer's gone away
Summer's gone away........... Hey

When October winds lay down
When the heat can't melt the ground
And nothing matters anyway
When October winds take hold
When you're down that dank dark road
Maybe nothing matters anyway

[Iii: Camouflaged In Blue]

Dead on your feet you walk like no one's home
Out on the street you make your way alone
Soldier of fortune camouflaged in blue

Dawn turns to dusk you sail away in doubt
Love turns to lust you've turned it inside out
Soldier of fortuen camouflaged in blue (but I know you)

All that you are is not the things you do
You know it's true
All that you are is camouflaged in blue
You know it's true

Dead on your feet you walk like no one's home
Out on the street you make your way alone
Soldier of fortune camouflaged in blue
But I know you now


[Iv: Half Alive]

Don't just sit there wasting your time on the phone
Don't be with that skank 'cause it hurts to be alone
And you swarm around like bees to the hive
And you look a man in full but you're half alive

One flew south, one to the east

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