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Tr-i – The Individualist lyrics

Gather 'round children, I got a tale to tell ya

There was a time when I couldn't bust a rhyme
Had yet to hit my prime
'Cause my mind was such a young mind
And first you got to unwind
The mystery of your soul, it's like a black hole
The gravity is too thick
You got to learn to lighten up a bit
It's such a frightening thing to realize
Every time you close your eyes
You been cut down to size
'Cause you're stuck with yourself
Ain't nobody else to compare yourself to
It's just you
And then you ask yourself, "What's it all about?"
So you try to figure it out
And that's when you'll be tempted to believe foolish things
And deceive yourself by lettin' someone else
Do your thinkin' for you
When they haven't got a clue
But you can't relive the hype, don't ya see?
'Cause I got a special answer meant just for me
Somewhere in my immediate vicinity

And if there's time enough to get it
Then in time I'm gonna get it
'Cause I am the Individualist

Check my references
Wherever you are now you know I been there, done that
Don't need to sling the scat 'cause my resume' is too fat
Change my name to some funky fresh dingbat
Like "the artist formerly known as TR-i"
I got to laugh when they try to figure out what it's all about
And they doubt that I'm so devout
But it's something I can do without
I got to know why I wanna know what I wanna know
Why do I go where the others won't go?
My eye is on the prize that's in disguise
That you can only theorize, but I can utilize
To rise above the lies about reality
'Cause you can't relive the hype don't ya see?
'Cause I got a special answer meant just for me
Somewhere in my immediate vicinity

And if there's time enough to find it
Then in time I'm gonna find it
'Cause I am the Individualist

Here comes the Individualist
Yes I am, the Individualist

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