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Total Devastation – Fat Blund Caper lyrics

Preferably the sensamilla spliff and smoke the first one (repeat 3)
I drink twenty 40's and smoke forty blunts (repeat 2)

I give praise to the ganja smokers spliff with the dreads
Mr. Tone gets stoned and they label me a pot head
Because I come again and many clouds of smoke
The cloud nine shit and a brand new joint
The fat blunt caper so hand me the paper
Niggaz on the dick so I guess they cause a vapor
I turn up the switch deliver the pitch
And I could give a damn about a low life BITCH
I be scoopin and a scrapin and a twistin and a rollin
My days fucked up cause my blunt got stolen
Now somebody got me for my twenty sack
Well lick here punk I want my endo back
I'm searchin through the crib chewin on a rib
And I can't find my blunt and this shits kinda sticky
Don't give me no bama cause I'm cool on a dooky
And I gots ta get paid like that Brooklyn nigga Mooky
Now I'm hangin on the block with my nigga find that nappy
Now that tray found a blunt don't worry be happy
I'm a rhymin ass nigga and my homies call me chocolate
And when I hit the skins all the hoes call me pappy

I'm the Soopa so watch me kick it
The Soopa Doopa come down wicked [repeat]

Yo it's the fat blunt caper it's a pot heads dream
Then I pass the mic to my nigga Rhyme scheme
So fuck the brain shit swista spliffed up zig zag brain hits
The greener the grass grows the toffer smoke fills I'll skills
Ruffin up the ripper blunts plus go fronts steps childster
We kid a little up lift loosely slip lift in your limelight
Swingin is the dicka tempa head rush
Swimmin in the mechanism chemicalhempism
Asses on your ceiling I'm burning your philly blunt
Straight with my first verse perverse what's worse
A pocket full of cash or red hash quick stash deliver
Fat blunt caper but yo it's dope but never doper then humble
Who's the nigga that's runnin this you figure
It's a schemer hittin endo hoes that might seva
Roll up a fat one pass one but bigga then the last one

Pass out punk get the futon


It's the Fat Blunt Caper yo, The Soopa Doopa,
The Rhyme Scheme and the Rosta red eye,
I'm about to break it down let you know
What happens to a young player
With a little bit of money a little bit of fame
And a whole lot of dick you know what I'm sayin
We got to protect ourselves in the nine tray
These hoes out to get us everyday
And they rollin deep so don't sleep

Well I'm high off the dank and drunk off the drank
So I'm checkin bank roll fuckin with a stank ho
Hey yo bitch can I pop that coochie
Don't front cause I know your a hoochie
And your friend she a looker too
Take a look at you it's the hooker crew
I love your smile but she's got back
And baby looks like Janet Jackson
This is gonna be a tough selection
Cause this bitch looks better then the next one
I got a plan and I bet you know well
Meet me later on at the hotel
Cause you know I got a ganga weed
And something that I think your pretty ass might need
Later on I know I'm fuckin someone
Cause my dicks cocked up like a shotgun
Plus I got me a box of condoms
I play it safe when I whips it on them
Me comes down pump pump
Let me fuck let me flex let me sex hittin like a mac truck
Baby said that she liked it rough
So I hit that pussy till she said she had enough
So check it out y'all heres the caper
She came back and tried to say that I raped her
She got a lawyer and she wants to sue
But no baby I'm not going to be able to do
I said sike I aint going out like mike
And I don't think that it's funny
When your fuckin with my money
Yeah so that's when I had to flip the caper
Cause the horny man video taped her
And the Judge couldn't say a thing
Cause she was riddin on my dick like a porno queen
So this is going to that crocked bitch
You can suck my dick while I light my spliff


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