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Top Suzara – No One But You lyrics

Verse I:
I'm wonderin' what you're doin'
Right at this moment. I'm really missing you.
Whatever you're doin',
I know you are missing me too.

Verse ii:
Take comfort in knowin'
That I may be far away, but I'll be home soon.
Baby don't you worry.
Before you know it I'll be there with you.

When you are down, look inside you.
I will be there, to remind you.

That you, are the only one, I'm ever gonna love;
The only one I'll ever need.
Bright as the sun, you'll always have my love.
No need to worry, just believe
Your heart is safe with me
And here in my heart, there is no one but you.

Verse iii:
Always and forever;
That's all the time I can promise that I'll be yours.
And I can only love you
More than you've ever been loved before.

Verse iv:
I know your heart is tender
And you are afraid of it breaking just like before.
But I know you remember
I swore you'll never hurt anymore.

Repeat Refrain
Repeat Chorus

You'll never cry another painful tear.
And I'll make you realize my love won't disappear.
So throw all your fears away.
Baby, I'm here, and I'm here to stay with you... with only you.

Repeat Chorus (Modulate +1)


No one but you

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