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Tony Yayo – Swagga Official lyrics

Yea niggas know it's the unit
Yea niggas know it's the unit

Make way for the unit coming through
Make way, yea

[Chorus: Tony Yayo]
My swaggas official, my swaggas official
My swaggas official, my swaggas official
My swaggas official, my swaggas official
My swaggas officials so I walk with the pistol

[Verse: Tony Yayo]
Mami this a desert rider, baller, yay a shot caller
Hoe's in the iPhone still won't call her
Matter fact call her, call up carla
Jump in the camaro with the brand new spoiler
Niggas that's gangsta, that's gangsta shit
G-unit's the clique that's the thanks that we get
Fans love me then they love me not
Nigga I don't give a fuck I'm in a lovely drop
Ma these hermee, these 800 riggghttt
They look like no names the patch on the inside
Used to drive a hoop ride now I'm in a 6-5
I pull a trigger hit a nigga that's 6'5"

[Chorus x2]

[Red Cafe:]
The cowards acting like guerillas
But they ain't with the unit
So I'm a go ape shit show em how to do it
Swagga official, baller big bank
And we got the fishscale not in the fish tank
Top shelf dress code always extra
I murder anything moving always dexter
Swagga official walk gotta bop
Chopper that a cut your roof drop your top
The shit now big dog fuck you pay is official
Stones clearer than blue ray
And if I do say I'm still from the sewer
Still get my dick sucked right on guy brewer

[Chorus x2]

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