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Tony Rebel – Nazarine Vow lyrics

-P. Barrett-

Babylon bridge is failing down
Burning, burning burning till it touch the ground
Babylon bridge is failing down
I and I come to utter some conscious sound
Babylon bridge is failing down
Don't be afraid grow your dreads till it touch all the ground
Remember all your antenna dem seen, have mercy


Say we no bow we no gow ras then and ras now
Long time me tek fi me nazarine vow
The first time me know say rastarfari legit
Is when me tek a little prip in a number chapter six
Me read Revelation and I was astonished
Fi know the mark of the beast that is six, six, six
Me check Samson and John the Baptist
Them grow them natty dread, mek it long like wiffs
Who, me start fi grow fi me dread some more
When me read Ezekiel forty-four
So me people a spread propaganda 'bout long hair is a sin
But me challenge anyone but me know them can't win
'Cause any day them show me inna the Bible say man fe trim
Me give them scissors and comb
And mek them cut off everything


You know one thing me used to hate when me a teenager
I man used to live with me grandfather
Every weekend him come him give me one hundred dollar
And cah tell me 'bout me must go to the barber
But when me see the scissors and me see the razor
Me always think the man going to commit murder
Why me never stop until me get me heart desire
See de now me grow me dread as a real rasta


Me mek nuff guy fret nuff heathen mouth shut
'Cause them can't understand rastarfari yet
Nuff a them no stop check pon the vibes weh we ah get
But a true dem no know is a inbom concept
Have some long hair guy whe no stop live a lie
But you can't use them fat de 'bout you a go fry
'Cause higher example fe the most high
I and I is a true bom rastarfari


If you sight the fullness and you want grow your locks
No listen chat no bother watch nothing fi try mek you stop
You dread ah you antenna and a you contract
So from you sign that de agreement you can't turn back


One time dem used to gwaan like say I and I a mad man
True we talk different and eat different and grow we hair long
Nowadays out a ten at least three man dem a dread dem
Head top and pon the back them have a sprong


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