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Tony Maxx – Me Myself And I lyrics

Me Myself and I the only ones I need
I told myself that I can't fuck with nobody
I can't trust a soul can't even smoke yo weed
You do you I do me let's get that agreed
Me Myself and I x4
You do you I do me let's get that agreed
Me Myself and I the only ones I need

I get money by myself fuck the hoes by myself
Make these moves by myself I don't need nobody help
I feel like it's 3 of me I'm at 3 places at once
Rolling up some super gas and I'm stuffing all my blunts
I'm a solo mission
I'm with me if I go missing
I fuck with me
I'm the only one that's gone listen
I been tripping lately
But still I ain't never gonna fall
Better know that I got me
Because I don't know about yall
She fuck me like she miss me but I met her the other day
Get rich or die trying I don't know any other way
One man band chasing bands I'm my own team
Done made it this far by my self nigga what the fuck you mean


[Verse 2:]
Rolling blunts and pouring lean at the same Damn time
Tony Maxx and mpg dem my niggas we gone shine
I can't be these other niggas they be switching up too quick
And them same ass niggas on another niggas dick
Cut from a different cloth
I'm just trying to be a boss
California to new York
Need it coming back and fourth
Flip it make it somersault
Hit em with that tomahawk
Hit my line I'm back in stock
Run It Like I'm Marshall Faulk
I was broke and had to fix it
Now I'm looking for them digits
Tax em let me count the riches
Told her step she hit a pivot
No master p and no limit
If I said it niggas did it
The world is mine and I'm winning
Taking shots no missing


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