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Tommy Lee Sparta – Psycho lyrics

Dem nuh bad, act dem a act,
Talk dem a talk, dem a chat
A Tommy Lee me a talk from me heart with bare badness back a that.

Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm
Man Psycho

Gaza run 'bout you

Me no knew about dem but me knew about me.
A Gaza we run 'bout you

Boy dem a flip, me ratchet, me will push to your chest, me will shoot one a dem 'bout you.

Sparta, send some cyanide, and bout 2 drum a gunpowder.
Enough boy just a lip dem suck pussy mouth,
We no born with no fear around here,
We no born with no fear around here

[Verse 1]
Say dem a killer and nobody nuh heard a dem,
Tough chat, like you want man afraid a you
Man will send one of me demon gyal from Sparta, come suck off your cock and murder you.

Diss me now and if nor supposed,
Send me dead friend dem come shoot you in a crowd,
And don't try run in case you will get ghost


[Verse 2]
Buss boy head a dem gate daily, in front pastor, school pickney,
Try don't let your luck get run out, when the demons come for your soul when the devil send me.

Rage a the worse thing you will see,
Oh, dem set duppy 'pon me.
Buss, shot in the head arrogantly.



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Submitted byEdwyn Sassidy


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