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Tokio Hotel – Don't Jump lyrics

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Submitted byVetal


  • c
    When I hear this song I think of Kasen, My amazing boyfriend, who is currently in a coma when I hear the part 'Don't jump The lights will not guide you through They're deceiving you Don't jump' It makes me think who he must see the light at the end of the tunnel and that it seems like the light will end his pain and sufferning but really they wont, because he is not ready to die, he has three amazing little boys, a two your old daughter, and a pair of twins on the way, he still has a whole life ahead of him. My fav part of this song is 'i don't know how long I can hold you so strong I don't know how long Just take my hand Give it a chance' It makes me cry becase I know what its like to be in a coma, its not fun, and It makes me think I don't know how long I can stay strong myself for him. I really just want my baby with me.
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  • ShockerRocker15_93
    This song is one of my favorites by my favorite band, Tokio Hotel. I like the english version and the original german version Spring Nicht. This song almost made me cry. But I was like, its just a song. Then I thought, the reason I was about to cry was because it related to my life. Often I feel like the person that's on top of the building. But, if it were one of my friends (which I have some that are like that) I would definitely take that jump for them. I don't want to mention names because my friends like this music and may see their names. Having been on both sides of the situation that Bill Kaulitz is singing about, this song is something that I can connect with. Its sad but its true, there are soem people that would definitely take the jump for someone that they care for and love very much. That's mainly why I love this song.
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  • c
    The last three sentances really make me sad because if I could, id do everything in my power to keep him from staying in that coma. And I'm pretty sure he is dreaming of an end. To start over agian. To fix things but knowing him, He wouldnt change a second of it, Because I know that truely he loves everything he has. And he wouldnt change it for the world.
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  • Billsgirl
    I feel lyk flying coz its such a gd song it leaves me breathless tokio hotel are the hotest band alive n are the best people alive along wiv my parents bill is the best 1 4rm the band coz his hot and has an amazing voice n his so normal I think i'll die if I don't fink about bill at least once a day or listen 2 his song he means so much 2 me I'm so happy dat his famous his a real star in the dark sky and he shines so much.
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  • billkaulitzgirl93
    I love this song so much. I cried when I saw the video cos I was just like screaming No Bill Don't! I can relate to this song easily becos I've thought of it before and this song pretty got me out of the deep dark hole that is my life. It saved me from actually goin suicidal so yeah good song. And lastly Bill is the best song writer, vocalist, and hottest guy on earth. His hair freekin rocks too cos it defies the laws of gravity and physics. His hair doesn't catch on fire. There's a video of him on YouTube where he's like on stage with fire all around him. Awesome, huh? Search it up you'll see.
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