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Toby Keith – She Never Cried In Front Of Me lyrics

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Submitted bypopocaca


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    I think this song is about a girl who loved a man very much. She was always there for him, but he took that love for granted, just assuming that she would always be there-That she would wait for him until he finally came around. Despite the pain it caused her to hide her feelings for so long, she stayed strong and never cried in front of him. Thus being why the man never knew how much he was hurting the girl-Because you have to spell it out for them. But when she finally got tired of waiting and met someone who loved her in return just as much she stopped being there. The man didn't know how much he really did love her and need her until she was gone. Now knowing what the girl really truly wanted, he thinks maybe he might have changed his ways if he'd known.
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  • u
    I personally find that this song is about a man who took his lovers love for granted. He had no idea what so ever. He wishes she would have given him a sign. He knows that it's too late now for him to change things. Sometimes men can be very blind as to the love women feel. As women we act strong so they have no idea how much we suffer because we want them to think that we are hally with them. Sometimes we just get tired of it and break up, and that's when we cry. That's when they realize how much we love them and how much pain they made us for through. Although men, in general, can be very blind and take many things for granted. Once they lose something. They realize how much that meant or still means to them. They value things when they lose them. Basically since they see no sign of us letting go little by little, they just keep taking our love for granted. I've been through all this. This song right here made my ex realize how much he needs me. But it's too late now for him to get me back.
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  • j
    After talking to my (divorced) father about this song, I believe I know the meaning of this song, and I don't think any of the above meanings are correct, not to sound cocky. It is the story of most divorces; poor communication between the husband and wife causes a breakdown. The wife is having issues, but expects the man to understand this without them talking about it. This is not to put blame on either party in particular, but there has to be communication for any problem to be solved.
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