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Timbaland – Oh Timbaland lyrics

A aint got no fillin,
Ama let these niggaz know,
A been killin em wit these beats,
Now am spittin dem killer flows,
Whatcha know bout me dog,
Not A damn thing,
Gotta problem you can C me in da streets dog,
Am on 1 man game,
Don't take this lightly,
If A want you dead it's done,
A can make dat hap'n B cauz,
Nigga ma bread is long,
A done been both sides of the tracks,
You can say A trained da game,
A lotta niggaz tryna get in ma lane,
Err body askin me da same ol thing, (What they say)

Oh timbaland,
Where he go run 2?,

[Verse 2:]
A aint goin nowhere dog,
Ama B right here in ya face,
Can't do it like me dog,
Ya kick drum aint got enough bass,
Don't ever talk bad about me,
You jus might make me mad,
N A jus might C you sumwhere,
N brake ur ass in half,
Its not the timbaland that you're used to,
Now am in A whole nother zone,
You can let me do me,
You can do you,
Or get popped in ya dome,
Hit love on the verge 2 da block,
So recognize da game,
Timbaland aint gonna run nowhere baby,
Timbaland got private planes,


[Verse 3:]
A been around,
Sometime long ago,
A seen da life,
Don't act like you aint seen it B4,

Am listenin dog,
You aint sayin shit,
You can keep on wishin,
You never make A hit,
Yeah A got money,
Take it all from me,
Ama gon B da same,
You can get A few whips,
You can get A few chips,
You still gon B A lame,
We aint da same my nigga,
Am on some other shit,
Ama say this plain N simple,
Nigga take this punishment,
Ama take yall on A trip,
Ama take yall on A ride,
N 1 day am gondip, but A wont B hard 2 find,


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