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T.I. – Whatever You Like lyrics

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Submitted bysrh0418


  • Lpluv
    Xbabiex15 ur right people can get watever they like but it can't be rude like a 10 foot long p**** or huge brown t***. Or something nasty like kill somone you hate [but deep down you do like] or kill your best friends husband so you can have there girl or boy. It's gotta be nice and something everyone will like. Sorry if that was gross or a li'l nasty but it's true! People do wish 4 crazy sh*t like that I would wish for all the animals in the world arn't hurt or being ignored I would wish for 5 milloion bucks which I would donate 1 mill to rspca and 2thousand to the breast cancer foundation I would wish 4 all voilence agients women [and some men] to stop and my final wish to meet my fav bands! They woul; d be my wishes! Hehehehe awsome!
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  • devious1mp
    I love this song, even though I would never be with someone just because he would buy me expensive things. In fact all the guys I've ever been with have been totally broke. But I love the part about "let me put this big boy in your life" because it reminds me of my last ex (who I am definitely not over.) In fact, I found a ringtone that's just that part of the song, and now it's his ringtone.
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  • m
    Ye ur da man sunthin fresh and new so much betta than all the hip hop artist lyrics we have nowadays. Keepin it simple and real not encouraging fictous life that so many wanna beess are pulled into. T. I da tune is coool, even 50cent has no chance wit yo style. As 4 the stacks just makes us al wanna make sum of it, if dats da type of ponani you handling.
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  • b
    Hey baby boy, dnt listen to all the h8ters they jus jealous of yo fine a*, and if I knew the h8ters personnally I would beat they a*! And a* you can see I got the username witchyo real name in it (Ch) and for all the people who don't know me betta not be judgin my man for what he can singor provide for the stupid people in da world. So don't judge when you know you can't even rap yo own lines. So f*k da h8ters. And I love my baby for life Clifford Harris and by the way I loved the movie atl you did. You and your so called brotha from another mother is fine as hell to.
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