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T.I. – Live Your Life lyrics

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    What I think the meaning of this song is that many times look at life as having all this fancy stuff. Having a lot of money and stuff that has a elegant appearance in the outside. And that most people never take the time to appreciate whats in front of them and what they really have. They always want more and more. I might be wrong about the meaning but it stand out to me that we get so caught up in this world were we just take and never realize the meaning of it. And that to have a "good" life doesn't neccessary mean that you need lots of money, fancy clothes, or nice cars.
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    I like the song, but please do tell me if it is as easy as shown in the video to just turn your back on a lifetime of voilence and crime? Your body will probalt end up in a cement jacket in the nearest water body, or an accident, or something, you will not get away with only A few punches! Beleive you me, T. I should consider changing the video. People might get inspired and do something stupid.
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  • c
    Rihanna couldn't have possibly known she was gonna get beat up as this song was released months before it happened so 'Rooock' ur very wrong, and I think this song is very inperational and motivating, its about getting to the top after everything that's happened and just be strong, coz ur a star.! Fight for what you believe in and strive to be the best.
    My favourite song of all time, meaningful, passionate lyrics from T. I and catchy insperational chorus from Rihanna.
    Kinda ironic that alot of people hated on this song, when the song is basically dedicated to all the haters. Whoever doesn't like this song has no taste in music. Peace.
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