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Through You – Through Nose Or Mouth lyrics

I'm learning more about life
and what it means to me
with each day I live
and each breath I breathe
This is my journey
I hope you will be
here with me when It ends
There's so much about us
that compliments the other
and I'll be your baby
but you can't be my mother
no, It has to end, yeah

Don't bleed for me
It's me in this skin
Don't bleed for me
Do not pay for my sins

I opened my eyes
and saw a world of grey
explored a little
it's not as black and white as they say
Open your mind
you don't know everything

Don't bleed for me
It's me in this skin
Don't bleed for me
Do not pay for my sins
Don't breathe for me
Why am I condemned
Don't breathe for me
Can't you be content

I've made my decision for who I want to be
You've got a different opinion
and a mold to fit, but I'm not having it
you're not the shaper
You aim with precision for what you want in me
I've got a different conviction
the mold you want to fit isn't legitimate
You're not my maker

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