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ThisisDA – Lone Wolf lyrics

This that Coldblack
This is

Haha, yeah

[Verse one]
Dawg I be on that sick tip, 'bout time you clocked like a lit wrist
Get this, I be Tony Hawk'n, no kickflips
This Is, da. Yeah yeah yeah
Like the lightskin, pretty boy all the way from va

Relay, this just comes easy
Sitting on a clock, on time no delay
Pass me the pepay, oh I meant the paper
I'm strong, swallow your pride with no chaser

Life is a bitch you should see the way I rape her
Lol jk, edge is much straighter
She just gets drawn to me but I can't erase her
Life is a game, these days I'm one player

Tell me what you want from me? Let me get my game up
Haters try matching up, then I raise up
Everything I've made, what! Still ain't dope enough?
Higher than a couple others locked in a hotbox, drop

So what you want from me?
I got the game wrapped up no response mummy (yeah)
Lone Wolf'n on the top dummy
Been froze, so cold, been told yeah we all coming

So what you want from me?
I got the game wrapped up no response mummy (Crash)
Lone Wolf'n on the top dummy
Been froze, so cold, been told yeah we all coming

[Verse two]
Think I've found my new niche
I'm a thief by nature and I just nicked Lenny Kravitz guitar pick
The stars rip in half, spittin' bars splittin' pricks
Hit and scar, who is hard? No pazzars or pizzazz

Tell my Dad what I'm really up to
Couple of beats ago, I was on that "uck you"
Now I'm on that uh, "you know when it all goes down..."
I give 'em a preview until that clip runs out,
I'm back to being me, steady on that Buck tip
Milwaukee, some love me, the rest truck dip
Like people creeping sneaky with that skunk kit
And the cops just pulled up that's when the fun hits

Home. I just stole Wiz Khalifa's weed
And wrote a letter of apology convincing him it wasn't me, jeez
Got problems at least I'm being honest
This Is, the Lone Wolf brother you gotta love it


[Verse three]
Ummm... Harder than your hardest rapper
Smarter with a target for laughter and less chitter chatter
Name me a sicker rapper? Didn't think so
Vibrant as laying in main roads with pink coats

Explode shows with flows and then I dip low
Recognised? No, like them cops in plain clothes
You stop and they know, I stop and they complain
Which shows we ain't the same, my reigns supreme

My reign's deer to me, so hold on tight
Buck right, never left me cause I love life
Hate hype, calmer than thunder storms and light strikes
Grab a knife, no I meant a mic cause I like writ-ing

Out my dreams. I'm Charlie Sheen times Idi Amin
I'm that mean, (winning) ha
Locked down and I just lost the key
So next time best shut up when I speak,


We all coming
We all coming
We all coming
We all coming

This that Coldblack


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