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Thirstin Howl Iii – Russian Roulette lyrics

We do three eh? One two three, three
[Thirstin Howl III]
I ain't scared to play (THREE)
Let me see that, whatchu thought?
You're not playin this game right, look
You gotta spin it, spin it, just like that
Spin the barrel - I'ma TRY IT!
SPIN THE BARREL! Watch, I ain't scared
Chorus: {*overlaps TH3 above*}
You get one shot, once chance to bust, who bust first?
First to get slayed, playin russian roulette
You get one shot, once chance to bust, who bust first?
First to get slayed, playin russian roulette
[Thirstin Howl III]
Poured blood, ignored love
Even swore I trusted a little devil, in all us
The motive that keeps cheatin wives, lawns cut
At a boilin temperature before I'm even warmed up
At the speed of thought
Thug niggaz fightin for a needless cause
All you hear is, "John they're stealing!"
When we in the stores
Uncommon valor with the French make players
Take the bench above the rim without touchin the net
Thirsty, greedy, sometimes desperate
When I lock rap down I'ma booby trap the exit
Barricade, the entrance
Turn demonic screamin into harmless careless whispers
No challengers, winnin the belt
If I say I'm top notch I'll be just limitin myself
MC's bore me like, elevator music
Street panhandlers with resalvaged sewage
All A

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