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The Wildhearts – Sky Babies lyrics

Back on my planet, they laugh at my jokes, and everyone drinks and everyone smokes
No-one speaks 'less there's something to say, there's no posh words just telecommunique
Back on my planet you cannot tell lies, 'cos everyone would see it by the look in your eye
Parties that last for a couple of days, no one sleeps cos beds are prohibited

Back on my planet, silence is granted
We're laughing at the earthlings
Back on my planet, back on my planet

(and meanwhile)
Back on my planet where dinosaurs roam, and uncut TV beaming into your home
As Mother Nature being eager and free, money don't talk just givin' ability

Back on my planet, rules are all slanted
We're tokin' to be broken
Back on my planet, back on my planet, back on my planet...

Take a trip down an open road, all the eyes on an evening star
Gets to move a bit closer to the ground, like night at play
Wanna know what I need to know, wanna see that we ain't in charge
Where the superpowers will try to run it down
All alone, you're not alone
'cos it's a meeting time for a different neighbour,small and slight and grey

Something going on, something going on, something going on...

Look into those eyes, it comes as no surprise
It's little more than science fiction the government replies
They could be taking our daughters, they could be taking our ladies, making
Sky babies, sky babies, sky babies

I, I'm looking at the sky tonight, everything clear defined, just like the last time
All ideas inside my head, anything like a real one?
I'm looking from the floor tonight, weary of humankind
Tired of the chains that bind, wasting time on diatribe

And all the time the walls are closing in, I'm feeling stuck inside again
With something more divine than suicide, more generous than faith

Cos when I get to see a new sun arive, I'll be myself, blame it on the other side
I'll slip away, I'll do it with ease, I'll take a cheap seat, please...

'cos you're the only one thing I wanna know
So won't you take me with you when you go?
And there's a million feelings I wanna show
If you take me with you when you go

Yesterdays dreams don't mean nothing it seems, 'cos the big life keeps them waiting
And the people we find with a polythene mind, they just don't care at all
And the [halcyon] days of innocence stays as a memory plays it one more
Time, here today, gone tomorrow

This is it in layman's terms, phenomenon of UFOs
Is well acknowledged by the state but secret to the president
Employed to be a public face and keep the public feeling safe
But higher powers in the government hide something a million times
The size of the killing of JFK, the CIA are aware that higher
Powers exist with untold knowledge of life and death dimension, it could
Alter public awareness of religion, which is the only faith
That keeps us all in true control, and that's why we can never know...

They're shaking, and they're fucking us again

'cos you're the on-ly one thing I-wanna... know

So won't you take me with you when you go?
And there's a million feelings I wanna show
If you take me with you when you go
'cos you're the only one thing I wanna know
If you take me with you when you go
And there's a million feelings I wanna show
If you take me with you when you go
'cos you're the only one thing I wanna know...

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