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The Wildhearts – Show A Little Emotion lyrics

Top to tail with good advice
To get to know me, if I could only be
A little bit more like Jesus Christ
Is that so easy? You know the lady likes
Passion wisdom wealth and wonder, custom made at retail price
It all sounds good to me, and it'll happen naturally

If ya...
Show a little love, show a little emotion, it ain't a sin to be crying
Show a little pain, show a little emotion, babe
(maybe)/('n you can) show a little love for (me)

Take one chance you could be right
So what's your problem? You're only softening at the
Pressures of one more lonely night
But that's so easy, we know the lady likes
Pleasures found in downtown places, whisky straight and drugs for free
Where the folks don't really care, but there's a sense of style you share


You say you're mine, but you don't show it
You say I'm blind, and man I know it
But I can show my feelings aloud without the fear of splitting with the crowd
So baby, don't say you love me

Because you're scared of giving friendship 'case you never get it back
Mistaking independence for the courage that you lack
And you're terrified of missing out on changes in your scene
So you cling on to your status like some life-support machine
Because weakness is too feminine, you dress up like a boy
'til you get so fucking down, you forget what girls enjoy
You'll realise a compromise was not what they said it would be
So why don't you show me...

Come on
Show a little love, show a little emotion, it ain't a sin to be crying
Show a little pain, show a little emotion, babe
You can show a little love, show a little love for...

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