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The Wildhearts – Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong lyrics

It's the strangest feeling ever
You keep trying your best but it's just an arrested endeavour
So you buckle up, (to) face the day, and try to make the ever grey like heaven, like heaven
But it's not too easy, when you think [you've got it cos/you got to kill] somebody
Gotta be a joker and keep up a little [humour/you look] jealous
[tinkering a bag or two] or talking [can I interest] you, well,
You know how it is

Well, you've been out of you're seat for way too long
You've got to get your trainer tapping to a different song
You know I can't do right for doing wrong, oh no

So it's best, to relax,(and) get drunk
Then the guys at the fire remind you that you've been a cun-t
({Ritch?:} well, I've done wrong for a start)
If you open your mouth, the truth comes out
And no one likes to hear that sort of stuff so it's best just to relax and shut up
({Danny?:} yeah, that's the best plan, {Ritch?:} no, that ain't never right
{Ginger:} yeah, that's the best thing to do)

Catch a-someone laughing and I choke it up before by being a
Want to be unpopular because you've got to [pick a to the
Likeness to Japan] and to a shitty little band and you know, that would be funny

Well, you'll be away from it all and you don't belong
Unless your c*** gets hard at a football song
You know I can't do right for doing wrong

{magic roundabout- type chords}

Out of your seat, get (x4)
Back in your seat, get (x4)

Back among the things that we let gather [........]
It isn't what your knowing, it's a case of who you're blowing
Get your phallus to communicate, you got to take it to the case
So socially they'll let you be, so long as we can copulate

You want to be a big shot, you'd better stop by saying
(I can't do right for doing wrong)
Yes please, stash, get my fingers in your pants
(I can't do right for doing wrong)
I'm gonna lick it too, and suck a few, and just give me a chance
(I can't do right for doing wrong)
I'll be a good dog, prick me and you'll never be [been retired a-chemical wide]
(I can't do right for doing wrong, can't do right for doing wrong)
Yeah, yeah, open wide... (you know I) can't do right for doing wrong (x3)
No, no, no I can't... (you know I) can't do right for doing wrong (x8)
No, no, no I can't... (x3+)

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