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The Warren Brothers – Between The River And Me lyrics

I was 15 when my daddy died
Momma worked 2 jobs just to get by
Seemed like a blessin' when Harley came around
So she took his name but I had my doubts

Didn't take long for his drinkin ways
To start showing up on momma's face
One violent night hiding under my bed,
I swore that he wouldn't see another sunset

Next day I followed him down to the riverbank
I knew one of us wouldn't walk away

(Chorus 1)
Might of had a plan but he didn't know it
Might of been scared but I didn't show it
That's all between the river and me
With the current and the rocks it could have been risky
He might have been sober, but I brought the whiskey
And That's all between the river and me

I walked up to him and I said his name
Just so he could see the look on my face
We stood eye to eye and toe to toe
When I told him that he wasn't gonna come back home

He raised his fist to me but I didn't flench
I said I ain't your son or a son of a bitch

(Chorus 2)
Might of had a knife in my back pocket
Might of pulled it out before he saw it
That's all between the river and me
I might of had a gun but I didn't fire it
He might of tried to yell but I kept him quiet
That's all between the river and me
That's all between the river and me
Ohh.. River and me
Mmm.. Yeah

The sheriff came knockin' on our front door
Said they found his body by the resevore
Bottle in his shirt, liquor in his blood
Must have fallen in the river and he never came up...

(Chorus 3)
Might have been blood but they never saw it
Just a little mud on the livin' room carpet
That's all between the river and me
After what he did lord it ain't no wonder
Can't remember how long I held him under
That's all between the river and me

That's all between the river and me
Ohh, that's all, that's all between the river and me
Oooohh That's all between the river and me, yeah

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