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The Transgender Lites – All The Canines Are Dead lyrics

You tell me that we're all canines
But that is very untrue.

Police use the term for violence in the streets
For the poor children to cry.
All the canines are dead
We're not canines
We're just dogs
While the poor people walk the lonely mile
For the truth

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    It means that we're not canines we're just dogs. There is no such thing as an animal kingdom, it is just a category for groups of kinds of animals. Also there is no such thing as a species, it is a fantasy. "Canine" is a fake term for fake loyalty and violence in the streets.
    For example, in October 2013, a police watchdog organization accused the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department of overusing its dogs to bite suspects, rather than to find and corner them. Worse, it was found that the overwhelming majority of the victims were black and Latino. See the National Public Radio article, In Los Angeles County, It's "Bark and Hold" vs. "Find and Bite", which includes the remarks of Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips.

    Experts agree that police use of dogs is justified as long as the dogs are maintained in their training and the handlers are supervised adequately. It is known to many, however, that many of the dogs go out of training because of handlers who like the dogs to bite people, and furthermore, that the handlers are not supervised to the extent that they should be in order to prevent people from being injured unnecessarily. See the extensive article by Alexandra Semyonova, Police dogs should be trained as officers, not equipment, published at Animals 24/7.

    To eliminate such problems, bite incidents should be thoroughly reviewed to determine whether the dog was necessary, the handler issued the correct commands, the dog responded correctly to the commands, and the use of force was justified. Additionally, the severity of the crime, behavior of the victim, and personal characteristics of the victim such as race and ethnicity should be tracked to determine whether dogs are used against certain people and not criminals.
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