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The Ting Tings – That's Not My Name lyrics

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  • u
    I would love to know the male vocal background lyrics to this song. Toward the end of the song there are actually four (4) layers of vocals. Simply an awesome song! Love it! Also, I feel like this song is about not fitting in and feeling and dealing with the pain, anger, and lonieness associated with being excluded from the "norm". Rock on ting's and thank you for this powerful song.
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  • the_observist
    Alyssa, your explanation was too absurd. And I don't think that we need to listen to something in order to get the meaning. Nevertheless, everyone have their own opinion/.
    about a girl who is unnoticeable by people and they keep forgetting her name by calling her another girls' name which might be someone who is more popular than her.
    She is someone who is lonely and quiet type but who have another side, she just simply wanna be noticed and treated equally with other girls.
    She tried to wear heels and do other girly stuff but sometimes her bluntness is a turn off because she cannot really understand what they are trying to say and that makes her always come last in almost everything.
    Finally she gives up and go home, locking herself and think that no matter what she do, people always keep forgetting her name.
    She keep denying that's not her name simply because the angst that she is having inside and the repitition shows that she clearly want people to know her name and her real self.
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  • m
    It's not about a prostitute! She's out with friends or something and her friends' friends keep forgetting her name, so they just call her. Well, jane, stacy, and so on, hoping they'll get it right. And here's jules' part in the end:
    This song was in my head, now it's in my mind, call it reach it get some words and get some timing.
    And though I realize, I cannot emphasize, I'll stick around but just don't promise, nothing binding.
    And can't you see, that you're so desperately, a standing joker like a vocal one-liner.
    Instead of sing-a-long, this song is monotone, I've gotta get some soul I gotta get some feeling.
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