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The Time – Chocolate lyrics

(lead vocals by Prince)
Ugh, too funky. Ugh.

Every time we're out on a date.
I want to love you, you make me wait.
You went and told me I look like a pimp.
But honey, I noticed you waited 'til after dinner. 18 jumbo shrimp, damn!

Chocolate - You gotta give me some of your...
Chocolate - I said what you waitin' for?
Chocolate - Give me some of that...
Chocolate - You gotta just can't wait no more.

Every night when I take you home.
You say you got a headache, you wanna be alone.
I ain't tryin' to brag baby, but if I ever get you in the bed.
I'll work that body so hard, you'll wish all you had was an achin' head.
Look out!

Chocolate - Gimme me some of your...
Chocolate - Gimme... What you waitin' for?
Chocolate - Oh Lawd! Gimme me some of that...
Chocolate - Just can't wait no more.

Aargh! Look out.
Ha, back up, uh.

Chocolate - Chocolate.
Chocolate - Tootsie roll.
Chocolate - Hit me.
Chocolate - Back up.

Uh, come on now. Yes! Oh Lawd.

When I sleep, I dream of you.
I dream about doin' the things I want to do.
I'd make it so nice if only I could.
Don't you wanna see my Tootsie Roll? Baby, I'm sure you would.
Look out!

Chocolate - Aargh.
Chocolate - What you waitin' for?
Chocolate - Gimme me some of that...
Chocolate - Just can't... say it!
Chocolate - Look out! Some of your...
Chocolate - What you waitin' for?
Chocolate - Candy!
Chocolate - I just can't wait no more.

Oh baby, what's the problem?
What's the matter, don't you like me?
You don't want no young man. You need somebody with experience.
I make it so nice. Don't you wanna see my tootsie roll?

Chocolate - Look out! Gimme me some of that...
Chocolate - Look out! What you waitin' for?
Chocolate - Gimme me some of that...
Chocolate - Look out, I just can't wait...
Chocolate - Chocolate, Milky Way.

Chocolate - Give me some baby. Give me today.
Chocolate - Look out, uh!
Chocolate - Gimme some of that...
Chocolate - Melvoin, play your guitar. I'm gonna go tap on the cowbell.

Yes. Old nasty, play it. Come, come, yes.
Gimme some horns... Horns! Come on, nasty.

Chocolate - What you waitin' for, baby?
Chocolate - I like it. Say it.
Chocolate - Chocolate.
Chocolate - Have no fear baby, I'm one of them 3 Musketeers. Unwrap me!
Chocolate - Aargh!
Chocolate - What you waitin'? Look out!
Chocolate - Aargh!
Chocolate - Listen to me, now.

Milky Way, tootsie roll.
Can't nobody fuck with me? I'm too old. Look out!

Chocolate - Melvoin, Melvoin, you gonna have two step on the gas.
Chocolate - We gotta get the hell outta here, come on, uh!


Chocolate - Mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffin', green beans.
Chocolate - Chitlins, candy sweet potatoes, black.. black-eyed peas, grits, cabbage and...
Chocolate - I can say anything I want to.
Chocolate - Y'all can't fuck with me. Look out!

Chocolate - Too old.
Chocolate - Nasty.
Chocolate - Superbad.
Chocolate - Bad to the bone.
Chocolate - What you gonna do with me?
Chocolate - I'm all alone, look out!

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