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The Simpsons – School Day lyrics

Back Hail, hail, Rock and Roll.
& Long live Rock and Roll.
Bart: Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll.
Hail, hail, Rock and Roll.
Buster: Up in the morning and out to school,
The teacher is teaching the Golden Rule.
American history, practical math,
You're studying hard, you're hoping to pass.
Working your fingers right down to the bone,
The guy behind you won't leave you alone.
Bart: Ring, ring goes the bell,
The truck in the lunchroom is ready to sell.
You're lucky if you can find a seat;
You're fortunate if you have time to eat.
Back in the classroom, open your books, (man),
The teacher don't know how mean she looks.
Buster: Soon as three o'clock rolls around,
Bart: I'm outta here, man, I'm going to town.
Buster: You finally lay your burden down.
Bart: I'm nobody's fool, I'm nobody's clown.
Buster: Close up your books, get out of your seat,
Bart: This is a plan that can't be beat.
Buster: Down the hall and into the street.
Bart: My dancing shoes are on my feet.
Buster: Up to the corner, round the bend,
Bart: If you can't handle this, just tell me when!
Buster: Right to the juke joint, you go in.
Bart: I'm here! I said, "It's me, Bartman."
Bart Drop the coin right into the slot,
& You've gotta hear something that's really hot.
Buster: Don't want your love, your makin' romance,
All day long you've been wanting to dance. (Whoa yeah.)
I'm feeling the music from head to toe,
Round and round and round you go.
(Sax solo)
(Guitar solo)
Bart Hail, hail, Rock and Roll,
& Deliver me from the days of old.
Buster: Long live Rock and Roll,
The beat of the drum's loud and bold.
Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll,
The feeling is there, body and soul.
Hail, hail, Rock and Roll.
(Hail, hail, Rock and Roll.)
Hail, hail, Rock and Roll.
(Hail, hail, Rock and Roll.)
Long live Rock and Roll,
(Long live Rock and Roll.)
Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll.
(Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll.)
Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll.
(Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll.)
Hail, hail, Rock and Roll.
(Hail, hail, Rock and Roll.)
(Whoa, mama!)
(Guitar solo fadeout)

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