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The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Love Disease lyrics

Yeah, I want to tell you baby,
Kinda how I feel.
Yeah, I'm up when I'm down,
My head is so turned around,
I know that it's real.
When I'm on my knees,
I said oh, help me please,
Got that love disease,
Got that love disease.
Aah, such a good feelin',
I'm here with tears on my cheeks.
I'm so glad but I'm mad,
Most folks cry when they're sad,
I'm so strong, yet so weak.
I got that fever,
Ohhh, I'm so at ease.
Oh, won't you help me please,
Got that love disease,
Got that love disease.
I went to see the witch doctor,
To ask him what's wrong with me.
Gave me soup for my head,
An old ball for my eye,
For nerves, there was chicken feather teeth.
Yeah, I cried for my mama,
Said, "Mama, what's wrong with me?"
She said, "Son, don't you worry now.
Been goin' on since beginnin' of time.
Want to find that woman,
Put her lick on you,
Just act natural-like,
I believe you know what to do."
Yeah, help me please,
Got that love disease,
I got that love disease, baby.
Yeah, I saw my woman,
Down on avenue.
Yeah, I knew how to cry,
When I saw that in her eye,
That woman had the fever, too.
Wanted to tell me, 'bout some things I knew.
I said, oh, help me please,
Got that love disease,
Got that love disease.
Oh, come on baby,
Can't stop it now.
I can't stop it now.
Got that love,
Got that love.

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