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The Naked And Famous – Young Blood lyrics

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    As it explains in the title I think this song is literally about Young Blood. Its about all the experiences a young adult faces. All the obstacles, all the lessons, finding themselves, creating them selves and everything that comes in between. Its about everything that a young human goes through, yet it can apply to anybody.

    [i]We're only young and naive still
    We require certain skill
    The mood it changes like the wind
    Hard to control when it begins[/i]

    This describes when we go out into the world with child like eyes when we experience something new or a big change happens in our lives. We start the new chapter if you want to call it with naive and chid like eyes therefore we're young and naive".

    Then when it says "still we require certain skills" It shows that before going into the world we all got to have certain skills. We realise this thorough the new experiences we have.

    Because the experiences are new (the mood changes like the wind). one minute you might feel like you love what your experiencing but then you also realise the lows. So you experience the high and lows of life and its "hard to control when 'life" begins".

    [i]The bittersweet between my teeth
    Trying to find the in-between
    Fall back in love eventually
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah[/i]

    Personally from one point of view this stanza could be about the choices we make. so you are trying to find the right answer between yourself. Its when you start to question about what you've been taught and your own experiences.

    It could also be about finding where you fit in and what sort of person you're becoming. Trying to create or find one self by leaving the love behind "fall back in love eventually" the yeah yeah yeah sounds as if the artist is trying to talk her self into thinking this is the right choice.

    This chorus feels as if the artist is trying to talk herself into going out of her comfort zone. She's singing about sorting hr life out, and working on her self and then find or fall in love eventually.

    Or it could even describe the drug experience. So e.g. when you take drugs and you're trying to find the in-between. Throughout this song there are phrases that could relate to drug use.

    [i]Can't help myself but count the flaws
    Claw my way out through these walls
    One temporary escape
    Feel it start to permeate[/i]

    I think the first verse is about counting the flaws in the world, about yourself and any relevant situation where you see the negatives. its about overcoming the obstacles . Going out of the comfort zone. Once you overcome the obstacle once "one temporary escape, feel it start to permeate" you start growing.

    From another point of view this could be about when you escape to peace and out of life (human things) this is by taking drugs, doing something you love or my personal example skydiving has the free fall where you don't know what will happen, you've got to be completely present and in the now. In that moment you don't think about yesterday or tomorrow you just think of now and suddenly you're falling and the world almost dissolves and theres only one thing thats on your mind and its the present.

    [i]We lie beneath the stars at night
    Our hands gripping each other tight
    You keep my secrets hope to die
    Promises, swear them to the sky[/i]

    Its about experiencing the now example. It describes an experience that the artist went through when she experienced the now / present.

    As it withers
    Brittle it shakes
    Can you whisper
    As it crumbles and breaks
    As you shiver
    Count up all your mistakes
    Pair of forgivers
    Let go before it's too late
    Can you whisper
    Can you whisper
    Can you whisper
    Can you whisper

    I love these lyrics as it makes you focus on the small things. So its explaining the now and the present.

    Or it could also be the awakening of a soul if speaking in terms of spirituality. Its when we as humans have a breakthrough or e.g. when nebula explodes or simply put when something happens in your life where you reflect on it deeply "count all your mistakes, pair of forgivers, let go before it's to late" and you make changes. As in life changes. Its about a change.

    "Can you whisper" almost sounds like a melodic chant. Its as if they're talking about their dreams or as it continues to the chorus it could be that the artist is telling herself its the right thing to do over and over again. In spiritual terms I would see this as 'law of attraction'.
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    To me this song describes the feeling of being young perfectly.
    We are not really grown up, but still all the adults expect us to know everything and behave grown up, though we are still not sure what we want, or how we actually feel.
    The whole process of growing up is "bittersweet", and we are looking for the best way between good and bad, and in doing so, fall in love sometimes, which is kind of the most exiting part while growing up.
    I love this song.
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    This song is about the teenage phase when we are all feeling insecure and afraid of change. However, we realize the descions we will have to make in our impending future and sooner or later, we must let go of our youthfull past, atleast for awhile. The in-between is the phase graduating teens are at and are unsure of their next step in life and where it will lead them.
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