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The Monolith Deathcult – Deus Ex Machina lyrics

One million years ago
I travelled through the stars
Lost in the endless cosmos
The last one of a dying race
Prowling for a body to possess

I built temples, statues and pyramids
As monuments of my endless might
Colossal knowledge lays hidden in tablets and shrines
Protected by spells and incantations
Ritually entombed I heal
And I become stronger and stronger
Without the sarcophagus I die
Blasphemed, cast out and dethroned

Your history is not yours
I gave thee wisdom
I gave thee science and I delivered thee from bestiality
My name was carved in thousands of stones
And diurnally murmured in deadly incantations
Atlantis was built when you amoebas crawled through filth
(I am) Holiness Divine
(Your) Lord and Master
The Supreme God and Creator

The sacred altars erected for the Sun-God
Point at the sky as a tremendous beacon
The Heavengate was sealed and buried forever
Deep beneath the surface of the earth
My name has sunk into oblivion
Thou art blinded by false gods with a ludicrous past of 2 millennia

When the Portal is disinterred
And the Door to Heaven is unsealed again
Then I shall return to restore my immense power
Thou shall be enslaved again

I am the temple builder
The supreme God and Creator
Builder of civilizations, eater of worlds
Worshipped as an alien god
Priests named me Amon-Ra, God-ruler or Viracocha
And treat me like Rex Ivdaeorvm with ultra-orthodox reverence
Honour my reign with sacrifice ad infinitum
For an intended endurance of 12. 000 years

For thy blasphemy thou shall be punished
The Systemlords bring thee thy avengers
Your soul will be possessed and brutally mentally slaughtered
Resistance shall be butchered by Jackal-headed iron warriors
The demons nestled themselves in your bodies
While you stare in the red gleaming eye of the serpent mask
Falcon claws will slit your throat to pieces
Thou shall be enslaved again

Ritually entombed I heal
And I become stronger and stronger
Without the sarcophagus I die
Blasphemed, cast out and dethroned
I have lived for millions of years
I am the day of yesterday
I know the day of tomorrow
The Alpha and Omega
I am eternal

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