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The Loved Ones – Chicken lyrics

He said, "this ain't me, but I gotta eat
And feed my kids, y'know this place ain't cheap
Well you can saint or damn me but I don't care
Don't condemn me, don't commend me now... "
Another around, his guts spill out
Turns out his ships run aground and my head just swims around

"... So pour another, it's 3 am, oh god this is insane
It's killing me, it's killing me
I know, I know I walked away but it's you i'll always blame
And it's killing me
If my liver swells up and spills out on the floor
I'll nail it to your door... "

Don't be cheap, I've been discreet
And all these victories have been bittersweet
We both made our beds you just piss the sheets
Don't condemn me, don't condemn me now
"... I took my bow, I know that now, I just can't
Remember how we let these grapes turn so sour... "

So pour another it's 4 am, oh god this insane
It's killing me, it's killing me
You're the one that ran away and attached yourself to chains
And it's killing me
If your heart swells up and spills out on the floor
I'd let it go

Surprise, surprise I'm here a three beer
Buzz has got the best of you again
You torn out what's left of my faith in
You I guess I'm too old to pretend

You're burning out
I kind of get the feeling that you're still the same,
You're burning out you haven't changed
I kind of get the feeling that you're still the same,
Head in the ground, you haven't changed

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