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The Little Mermaid – Poor Unfortunate Souls lyrics

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    I love this song because of how it shows the faults in the protagonist while also showing off the power-hungry energy and cunning in our villain. Ariel is honestly being selfish when she leaves her family behind for the surface, and Ursula is just using her to gain power. Really, there's not one instance when Ursula lies in this song. Ariel knows what she's getting into and the consequences of her actions, but she does it anyway because she's so madly in love with Eric. Ursula just tells her the truth, three days, true love's kiss, no voice, etc. Ariel knows what she's getting into. Also, I just love how calm and slow this song starts out, almost like a waltz, and how it all just keeps speeding up and the lyrics and visuals and the song itself just keeps getting more and more intense and crazy as it keeps going. It just shows how great of a character Ursula is. This song is definitely on my favorite villain songs list, no doubt.
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    I know what this means. It means that you have to make a choice between something you want, and something you have. Ariel, wanting the Prince, trades her voice for legs. Ursula, having tentacles, trades those for Ariel's voice and legs, if you notice when she turns into Vanessa she is what Ariel would look like if she were a brunette. So this song means love, deceit, sacrifice, bravery, beauty, power, and the strength it takes to make a decision.
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    Well, actually I think that Ariel would do anything to get the prince, and she goes to Ursula and ask for a spell. and for Ariel's bravery, she did all of it for true love. Ariel gave up her voice for being a human just to live or to see the Prince. This song means that Ariel showed courage,power,beauty, and hope. this is a good example for people who wants to become heroes.
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    This song suggests agency & promotes biblical social discourses. i.e. Ariel (the ideal beauty, ideal female because she is passive, relinquishes control of her destiny to her Dad/Prince Eric, she's an object of desire, vulnerability and protection, virtue etc..) and is a visual example used to teach the audience to perform their gender & gendered role correctly (see JUDITH BUTLER). Her hair and plump lips are red, the colour of lust and desire, her clinched waist and large ass resembles Kim Kardashian, her 'pure' white complexion and bright blue eyes signify her virtue/innocence. Ursula is a powerful, strong, independent women & threatens the female 'biblical' / 'good girl' ideal and for this she is punished severely. Her complexion is grey, neither black nor white she does not 'fit' and is not wanted. She will never be married and never find life-long happiness by way of heterosexual marriage like 'good' passive url Ariel. Ursula lives in a vagina shaped cave, and she admits "I admit that in the past I've been a nasty.. They weren't kidding when they called me, well, a witch (Another name for a whore) But you'll find that nowadays, I've mended all my ways, Repented, seen the light, and made a switch, True? Yes!" But this doesn't change anything.. she's still an unwanted whore and with her death social order will be restored (meaning man will keep their superiority class and power over the oppressed women who remain 'in their place' just like the bible says).
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