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The Last Felony – We Are Future Housing Developments For Maggots lyrics

Bureaucracy – A democracy in an office. But I don't remember electing the
Bastard I work for. He just sucked c*** all the way to the top. Come to think
Of it then, I guess it really is exactly like our government. Look at this
World; we created order where their was emptiness rather than chaos. Fill out a
Form, take a seat, and wait for your turn to die. Might as well just hang
Yourself with red tape. You'll just end up dying in the process of asking for
Help, crushed in the gears of our shitty health system. None of this makes any
Fucking sense. A society believing it's own hype, built on borrowed power,
Forever calculating nothing with exact precision. Think about it, if were at
The top of the food chain, since it's a cycle, we're also at the bottom. At
Least a maggot eats and s***s for a purpose and feeds the earth, we defecate in
Porcelain sculptures and pretend it disappears when it's flushed away. It's a
Good thing we die eventually or else it would be even harder to take any of
This seriously. And it's only in death that we really find our place, where we
Finally belong. Inner peace is nothing compared to having a purpose and a
Reason: We are meat for maggots

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