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The Glass Child – Stay lyrics

Your chin on my shoulder
Can’t find a word to say
As you roll over
I whisper ”we’ll be okay”

Just forget about tomorrow
This moment is here today
I’ll take care of your sorrow
We’ll find another way
Lay here, just stay

I lay my head on your pillow
And I don’t know what to say
All my fear disappear when you’re getting near
I wish you were here to stay
Your hands on me is all I need

We kept our eyes on the stars
Laying cold in the dark that night
And all these voices I hear
Went silent when you came near

With the explosions, your thoughts
I felt the fire in my dead heart
And the smoke while you’re breathing
Inhaling, believe in me

I’m ignoring my sorrow
I run from tomorrow
To be with you one more day
I leave all the time
But with you I was found
Come teach me how to stay
I’d give it all away
For just another day

Lay here, just stay
Just another day

There has to be a way
I can’t just walk away
There is a brand new day
Take my hand we’ll run away

I’ve never felt so wrong
When you are gone my fire’s gone
Don’t let me walk away
I always leave teach me to stay

This time I won’t be okay
Can I be with you one more day?
I built my home in tomorrows
My art and my sorrow
And I never learned to stay
I’d give it all away
For just another day

Lay here, just stay?

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