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The Glass Child – Blood On The Concrete lyrics

Four children in a playground
Laughing loud and playing free
A mother watching wondering
What they will grow up to be

Patrick wants to be a doctor like the man in white who saved
His mother from that thing in her breast
And there's Dave who tries be a fighter, to make his father proud one day
And Tom gets kicked in school because his friends says he is gay
And then there's Sarah, a little quiet, who only wants one thing,
To get to know her dad, who left when she was young
He even took her mother's wedding ring

On their way home feeling free
Sarah is laughing, running faster than the wind
She ain't looking as she crosses the street
I still hear her mother screaming, looking for a heartbeat
Ii went to fast, a second's crash
And Sarah's dead on the concrete

The same morning there's a man
Finding a letter from his wife, she said
"I'm sorry but I can't
Find a way to live this life"

He found her in the tightrope
In the bathroom hanging dead
He screamed but couldn't make a sound
Fallen on his knees, he said

"How am I supposed to go on now?"
He took that bottle and then another
Got in the car and drove
Disappearing in the night

I still hear that car when Sarah's crossing the street
And I still hear her mother screaming
Looking for a heartbeat
It went so fast
A second's crash
And Sarah's dead on the concrete

Empty bottles and broken dreams
Life never goes as you plan it to be
Empty bottles and broken dreams
Life never goes as you plan it to be
Empty bottles and broken dreams
I pass that spot every day on the street
A life-story written in the blood on the concrete

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