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The Fray – The Fighter lyrics

The lover held her love,
She begged him not to go,
The fighter wrapped his gloves,
The fighter said I know I know I know,
Just this one last time,
I swear you'll still be mine,
But he can't promise much,
He goes for one last touch, one last touch

Maybe we were meant to be lonely, lonely
Maybe we were meant to be on our own,
Loneliness has always been with me, with me
Maybe we don't have to be all alone

[Verse 2:]:
The fighter goes inside,
The doubt is creepin' in,
He swings with all his might,
At all that mightv'e been,
And she's in love with him,
But lovers don't always win,
He never even saw the swing,
She calls out his name, calls his name


What breaks your bones,
Is not the load you're carryin',
What breaks you down,
Is all in how you carry...

[Verse 3:]:
The lover held her love,
She begs him not to go,
She unwraps his gloves,
The lover said I know I know I know,
Kissed his trembling lips,
She touched his fingertips,
Somehow they both know,
He's not comin' home, comin' home

(Chorus version 2):
Loneliness has always been with me, with me
Maybe we were meant to be on our own,
But I gotta try or it will destroy me,
'Cause baby we don't have to be all alone.

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    This song hit me hard and was very good. Its hard to listen to though because it hurts a little. I'm in the military and I'm a long way away from the love of my life and to think I may not come home and her be there is too much to think about bc she keeps me going. The ending of this song is amazing, it turned my opinion of the song all around and I loved it. Theres always hope.
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    Its about our life. He is fighting to have a decent life but he failed he gambeled with everything he have, and lost it all and between the lines they try to tell him once ur in love and have someone special you should forget all ur worries and let things take their own path don't worry more than you can handdle enjoy the good things and don't stop on the bad things.
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    One can take this song however one wants to. That is the beauty of meaning. To me, it's not literal. Often, those who have been hurt or have only known a life of "loneliness" from their upbringing, fight anything that may be "love" because of the attached feelings to this emotion. I am one. I can see how it can be attached to the physical being because I am an athlete who expresses and releases myself through the goals of physical endurance and strength. After all, that's why I love this song. I can relate and still hope for what the song concludes.
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    The guy is a fighter that has shut out all his emotions, & believes in the passion of fighting only. Until that girl who came along with the same soul. She fell in love with him & was tired of seeing him getting those beat downs, feels like it will take his life. In a way the fighter was trying to sabotage his life until he realize that maybe loneliness is not his company anymore. To me this song is more about how they both *the couple* oh so familiar with loneliness.
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    To me, this is about a guy who's going off to fight in a war, and his love is trying to convince him to stay cause they both know he's gonna die fighting, hence the fighter. The title has a double meaning though. The soldier's love is also, in a sense, a fighter because she's fighting the lonely feeling she'll get when her husband/boyfriend or whatever leaves for battle. "maybe we don't have to be lonely" means, to me, that she doesn't have to hide her feelings within herself, because there's always someone else who'll be willing to help her through this.
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