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The Flaming Tsunamis – Enter Hector (Hector's Hardcore Ghetto Rap) lyrics

Alright Stop! Collaborate and listen,
Hector's back with a brand new edition
So now you better jump and shout,
Cause there is no doubt
That we're about to turn it out,
Cause I'm a cow, wow!
And the name is hector,
Say it wrong, and then I'll correct ya
I got black spots all over my body
You might say I'm a real big hottie. (Not!)
Hey, watch yourself man,
You might find yourself with a kick in the can
So anyway I go out to the field,
And when crossing the road you had better yield
Cause I got this real big lust for grass,
Keep me from it, and I'll kick your ass
I also like my salty, salt lick-it,
Take it away and I'll tell ya where to stick it
Cow's a real cool, they got this thing,
Around their neck, when they walk it will ring
It helps the farmer, know where they are
So they don't walk out in front of a car
But not me, I'm just fine,
No bell for hector, he's a good bovine
Occasionally getting milked, but always milking it
You know I get the ladies more than just a bit
Never use a condom, gotta use a glove
So come take a walk through my funhouse of love.
Now what is the moral of this story?
First of all the name ain't Corey, Joey, Jake, Justin or Cupid,
Hey look out we're about to get stupid
The name is hector and if you think you're butter
Then come over here and suck my udder!

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