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The Dramatics – Shake It Well lyrics

My name is Squirrel
Best shaker in the world
Shake it on down
(Shake, shake, shake it, baby)
Shake it down to the ground
(Baby, baby, shake it down)

Oh, yeah, yeah...

You've got problems
I've got problems
I can tell, ooh, ooh

Here's my best key
Such a good therapy
It's called shake it well
Well, well, well

It's the best sensation
For your frustrations
And it never fails, no

Move your body to the music
And shake it well, oh, girl

Hey, hey
Shake it right on time
Do it to the music
Ooh, you got it on
Let's see you use it

Let your hair hang down
Oh, you party pooper
Forget about yourself
Ooh, let the music groove

Not an inspection
Just a bad reaction
Baby, ain't no thrill
Ain't no thrill to me

There could never be
A better remedy
Then to shake it well
I can tell, hey, hey

Whatever your ailment
You'll find contentment
If you shake it well
Oh, just for me

If you feel you wanna move
Just get in the groove
And shake it well
Ha ha, just for me

Hey, hey
No matter what?
You might be heavy
Or you might be thin

Long hair, short hair
Short or tall
You might not have
No hair at all

Let the music slip it to you
Shake it well
Oh, you move me

Ooh, let your body
Ooh, get real nimble
Then you'll soon feel swell
I swear you will, I swear

Hold it now, wait a minute
(Hey, what is it, man, come on)
Everybody out there ain't shaking
Let's get a groove
(Everybody's gotta be moving here)
Come on, man, let's all shake

Shake it, shake it
Shake it, shake it, shake it
Shake it, shake it
Shake it, shake it, shake it...

Everybody, shake it well
Hey, hey, hey, shake it

Shake it, shake it
Shake it, baby
Baby, baby, shake it well
Shake it on down
Shake it down to the ground

Shake, shake, shake it
Oh, baby, don't you fake it

Don't mean no disrespect
But they're doing it at the discotheque
Oh, just shake it well, hey, hey, hey

Get it off?
Come on, y'all, let's keep it clean
We gone shake it well, I swear

It ain't dirty
So don't you worry
Just shake it well
Ain't nobody gonna
Say nothing about it now

Everybody in Hollywood, ooh
The exercise might do some good
Ha ha, just shake it well

Hey, everybody in New York City
I swear it would be a pity
If you don't shake it well
Shake it well, shake it well

Everybody all over the world
Man, woman, boy or girl
Come on and shake it well
Come on and shake it well

You might have problems
But the music can solve em
If you shake it well
If you shake it well

Hey, hey
Come on and shake it well
Shake it well

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Shake it well...

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