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The Civil Wars – Kingdom Come lyrics

Run, run, run away
Buy yourself another day

A cold wind's whispering
Secrets in your ear
So low only you can hear

Run, run, run and hide
Somewhere no one else can find
Tall trees bend their lean pointing where to go
Where you will still be all alone

Don't you fear my dear
It'll all be over soon
I'll be waiting here
For you

Run fast if you can

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    It's obviously about gale thinking of katniss in the games. Run away is telling her to stay away from the competition buy yourself another day is stay alive. A cold winds whispering secrets in your ear so low only you can hear is him telling her to keep going. Run and hide is again stay away from the competition somewhere no one else can find is for her and peeta so he doesn't give them away, the trees and calling her home and he's waiting for her and telling her to hurry.
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    Obviously this song is about running away from something that you know will hurt you. The cold wind that whispers is the gut feeling you get when you know something's not right, the cold, hard lump in the pit of your stomach. You feel it, listen to it, even when everyone else seems to think everything's fine. The trees symbolize a few things: family, courage, and safety. Family because, well, the tree of life, roots, all that. Courage because the taller the tree, the longer it has withstood all life throws at it. And safety, more literally, because tall shade trees can provide some amount of cover, hence the pointing to safety. And clearly, whoever is singing the song to "you" loves you, and has already run away and hopes with all their heart that you'll come safely along.
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