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The Actual – The Pride Of The Echelon lyrics

Hello vampire where've you been?
You look like you've seen better evenings,
Your teeth fell out,
You stuck on skin,
I get no threat behind your breathing.

A paper voice still sounding like you've screamed it black and blue,
So if you're throwing your coins in the fountain,
Save a buck or two for me and you.

We're the ones they never counted on,
Me and you,
From the sandbox to the grave,
For me and you,
For the pride of the echelon,
Yeah I swear, I swear we'll make it out someday,
Me and you,
The the pride of all they threw away.

The messengers won't ever reach your door,
If there's no one there to greet them.
The fireflies won't stay out late no more,
Because the hummingbirds will eat them.
So keep me safe in your pocket like a kangaroo,
And I will keep you in the back of my thoughts like a bill that's six months overdue,
'Cause the night,
It don't fall fast enough to come cover up this blue.
And if I tell this story long enough do you think it might come true for me and you?

The ones they never counted on.
Me and you,
From the sandbox to the grave.
For me and you,
The pride of the echelon.
Yeah I swear, I swear we'll make it out someday.
Me and you,
The pride of all they threw away.

So I admidt it - I can't make it on my own.
With a checkered past,
A house of glass, and I'm still throwing stones.
But the city lights they can't stay alight on love and love alone.
It we burn the map and start that journey over...
We just might make it home,
We just might make it home,
We just might make it home

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