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The Acacia Strain – Whoa! Shut It Down lyrics

I'm so sick of these fights
So sick of your mouth
I kno where you live
And I see where you sleep
So lets settle this here right now
I'm not wasting away my life
Because you don't like
What I have to say
I'm not just like you
Who are you again?
Remind me cause I don't care
I hope you like this
I really hope you do
I hope you like this
As much as getting your face
Busted in with a hammer
You are done, destroying lives
Every one will suffer
I have given up on you
So who the fuck do you think you are
You will learn to breath
Through a straw
Who the fuck do you think you are
Back it up
Do the world a favor
Put your bottom lip
Over your face and swallow
I don't mean any disrespect
But I hope you are buried alive
Your world is about
To come crashing down
Everyone will suffer
Your world is about
To come crashing down
Everyone will suffer

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