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That Handsome Devil – Viva Discordia lyrics

Lucy's a goth chick
Spit in the face of a jock at the mosh pit
Then the kid lost it
Saw her at the mall at the local Hot Topic
Her boyfriend was picking out a new chain wallet
Lucy's all talk
She really ain't got no heart for a fight
She'd rather see a art show
Beat her face down till she looked like a Picasso
Even ripped the ring out her boyfriend's nostril

Brother's outside, smoking on a Newport
Heard about his sister, running through the food court
Ran right over the dude from the shoe store
Rumored that he jumped down two floors, ooh, Lord!
Came right up behind him
The kid didn't see him
I never seen that look on another human being

Bats in the belfry (Whooha!)
Rotten on the vine (Hahahaha!)
Can't keep my eyes closed (Whooha!)
Sunny all the time (Haha!)
Put your hands where I can see 'em, boy
Keep 'em up high
This place (this place)
Has gone

Mona from Sedona, Arizona
Drove to California in a beat up Toyota
Reading Deepak Chopra
And singing 'Champagne Supernova'

Life, it ain't all roses, though
You go where you're supposed to go
Woke up in a mobile home
Her kidney sold in Tokyo

Jumping out the double-wide
Running through the trailer park
Tearing off the duck tape
Wearing just a pair of socks
Terry-cloth undies that her parents bought
In hysterics when the sheriff stopped
Crying, with her hair in knots
Smelling like Smirnoff
I think the drugs are wearing off

Bats in the belfry (Whooha!)
Rotten on the vine (Hahahaha!)
Can't keep my eyes closed (Whooha!)
Sunny all the time (Haha!)
Put your hands where I can see 'em, boy
Keep 'em up high
This place (this place)
Has gone

(It don't matter,)
(Climb that latter)

Daddy's little president
Never found the evidence
Heaven-sent, lemon-scented medicine they fed us with
Said the speech, read it off the teleprompter
Fly away in an army helicopter

Heavy metal concert, in the yellow Mazda
Jello shots and marijuana, going off to war now
For a bunch of mobsters, looking for Osama...
(Bin La da da da da da da da)

Bats in the belfry (Whooha!)
Rotten on the vine (Hahahaha!)
Can't keep my eyes closed (Whooha!)
Sunny all the time (Haha!)
Put your hands where I can see 'em, boy
Keep 'em up high
This place (this place)
Has gone

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    Jasik Reeves
    Viva (long live) Discordia (disambiguation).

    The entire first bridge is telling a story(not sure if it references anything or not.)
    Lucy spit in a jocks face, jock gets p*ssed. Later he sees Lucy at the mall and beats her until she looked like a painting by Picasso and ripped the ring out of her boyfriend's nose.
    Lucy's brother heard what happened and came rushing to the scene, so fast it's rumored that he jumped two floors to get there. He gets there and the jock doesn't notice, and when he does, has a look on his face that the narrator had never seen on another person before.

    "Bats in the belfry" is an idiom for insanity, drawing an analogy between a person's head and a church belfry, with the bats representing mental disturbance.

    "Mona from Sadona, Arizona. Drove to California in a beat-up Toyota. Reading Deepak Chopra. Singing "Champagne Supernova". Life it ain't all roses. Don't you go where you're supposed to go. Woke up in a mobile home. Kidney sold in Tokyo"

    Mona moved to California, ended up somewhere she shouldn't have been, woke up in a mobile home with one of her kidneys missing, sold on the black market to someone in Tokyo. She freaks out and runs out of the place, tearing off the duct tape that was on her, wearing nothing but socks and underwear. Sheriff shows up to help but she's being hysterical because the drugs are wearing off, and she is no doubt in a world of pain.

    Deepak Chopra is a New-Age guru, one of the best-known and wealthiest figures in the holistic health movement.
    "Champange Supernova" is a song by Oasis.

    "Daddy's little president.
    Never found the evidence".

    Daddy's little president is George W. Bush. Never found the evidence refers to the weapons of mass destruction the us invaded Iraq for, that were never found. The rest of that bridge is a reference to the Iraq war.

    The entire "City Dressed in Dynamite" album continues the band's prevalent themes of emptiness, drug addiction, materialism, and death. This song is just another example of that.
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