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Tevin Campbell – Paris 1798430 lyrics

Yeah yeah yeah!


Ebony american heart torn in two
Whatching his soul disappear with no trace or clue
A brother got lost livin' for the city
Takin dope from the man
Ain't nowhere to run when it's from uncle sam.

Paris1798430 my soul's in hiding
That's where a brotha be hidin til he get his due
Paris1798430 my soul's in hiding
Gimme a call when we can live as large as you do.

[Verse 2:]:
Tears spill out in anger our black is now blue
Our blood can be spilled as well but it will not make the news unless we're
Taken out one by one for the wrongs we have done
What else can you live by if you die by the gun? Bang


Verse 3:
So you know his mother will raise him you know like the best she can.
And uh you know it could have been much easier you know if she had like another
Man. And uh it's kinda hard being happy you know livin on hopes and good luck
And uh it's kinda hard having pride when you ain't got bucks.

My soul's in hiding
My soul's in hiding
Oh my soul's in hiding
When a baby cries, you know I envy his tears, so little does he know of the
Ignorance and fear that will divide us until we are willing to change, until
The cup that we drink from is the very same.
My soul will be hiding
My soul will be hiding
Hiding (hinding), hiding
That's where a brotha be hidin til he get his due (yeah yeah yeah)
Give me a call (gimme a call when we can live as large as you do)
I will listen (paris1798430) I will listen
(repeat til fades)

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