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Terranova – Sublime lyrics

Come harder (heather?) Janet Cardeff
Rollin' up the snow steeves
Find these steeves as you ski down
See the secrets get opened like your heart crashed like

Egg yo chokes all around the mortis universe and you
Find yourself in the nebula curse
Finding you wish you had that dark matter you were rejecting
For thousands and thousands of years

Ain't it ironic bonic flea cures everything
Hearts, head, head to leg
Find yourself back in your own patterns looking for the black hole
That kept you together

Fact is: beauty is sublime, sublime is in the beauty and the beauty's in the mind 4x

See how stars get brighter and brighter
Explode and get sucked in like supernovas of gold
Come out in patterns again, it's all matter and then
It's all keeping you together my friend

It's always gonna be about better situations coming around but
Through those inverted sequences like negatives you
See the better side of all inside that yourself
And that's the best where you can moonwalk backwards sucker

Yeah like you nap some fur like good head
Let the brain kid on that shit...? Jeri curl everywhere
That's like how fox go on lock
But you can always put 'em back together nap it up and keep it precative?

Straighten up and fly right
Armstrong you used to blow!

Fact is: beauty is sublime, sublime is in the beauty and the beauty's in the mind 4x

If I told you you paint like fresh air
Would you spread your legs gimme your derri? Re?
If I told you that your actions are factious
Could I fetch you and get real obscene with my own secrets?

Could I be the high art Eminem?
Could I be the one that gets that dirty girlfriend of yours
To come back down and we could do some pink cocaine in a wrong place at the right time?


Fact is: beauty is sublime, sublime is in the beauty and the beauty's in the mind 4x

Look at that! There goes Heather, look at that! 2x
Ah so pretty, ah so pretty so pretty, Oh hmm
Smells like springtime haha!
Smells like springtime

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