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Teeh – Let Me Be lyrics

Woah woah woahhh woahhhh.
Now there's so many people who criticize
Off of how I live my life
And I aint tryin to be someone else
I'm just trying to be me
So mr. Bush why can't you see
That this is the way I want my life to beeeee... Yea.
Now I don't mean no disrespect
But sir we all heard what you said
And in the papers all of us read.
And now were feeling this affect.
So sir just think about what you said
And listen to me while I tell you this...

Shut your mouth open your eyes and see
That in reality were all human beings.
So sir just take your time-uh to
Understand my rhyme cuz you got your
Lifeand I got mine.
Shut your mouth and let me beee-meeee. Yea
Woah woah woah-oaahhh.
Aw yea
Aw yeeaa.

To thee haters who don't know me...
I gotta tell you something and this
Is coming from my home boy jermyy.
He said, No ones perfect man not even
Me so who the fuck are you to judge
Me ohh I don't judge the way... Your
Living your life but you make me wanna
Say some things on my mind...
And if your willin to here me out then
Take my advice I'll stay out of your life
You stay the fuck out of mine.
Shut your mouth open your eyes and
See that in reality were all human beings.
So haters take ya time-uh to understand
My rhyme cuz you got your life and
I got mine.

Shut your mouth and let me beeee-meeeee.
Yea woah woah woahhh-oaahhh.
Aw yeaaa.
Aw yeaaaa.

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