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Tech N9ne
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Tech N9ne

Bianca's & Beatrice's lyrics

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Tech N9ne – Bianca's & Beatrice's lyrics

I'm kickin' it with this chick up in the club I'm off
The lou, and when you're on that caribou

You know just what to do,

I called her bianca

Then she said what is that bianca shit
I looked and cracked a smile

And said bianca means you bitch

You's a biank baby, whether you like it or not

But you hot especially with ex & vicaden popped.

If you trippin' you can hike it and hop,

Cause you know what I came to do

Me and my villains come to strike it and stop

Pipe it and prop ya leg up and get up

Bianca hold ya head up

Your s** wet the bed up,

Everybody's pondering wondering

About my slang that I spit, you can use it

When you refer to a dame or a chick

Don't be trippin' about the choice of words I'm using
On this script, don't step off in my face cause you
Can bet that I come equipped,

You wanna know what
You say, to get that biank to let you blend, (what)

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Bianca's and beatrice's

Are known for wetting matrices
And bending over in the I'll positions
Bianca's and beatrice's

They love the way I'm rapping this

I dig'em then I plug'em and I diss'em
[Repeat 2x]

[Verse 2:]
You know dat'.
New brand nigga Kutt Calhoun, Who dat
You know that, big lip pretty nigga with the gold teeth (Aw)
Be rapping wit Tech, heard he just signed a big deal and estimated 5 or 6 million
That nigga fine if he willing Imma blow his mind, bitch!!

The glit's and (all) the things in (volved)
Got yo whole brain dissolved
You couldn't squeeze in the drawlz
If you was my dick and ballz.
I tell ya man these dames are lame
Greedy, raunchy and dikes
A nigga gits a bit of fame and beyonkaz be like

Sew yo Royal Oats, Beatrice's saying
Hell yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, but Kutty "b" like
Ho, no slow yo roll, bafoon to busy trying to zoom off into the (upper room)

Claiming they catha-lic, licking asses, off x-stacy
Weed and hashes, and hitz of acid, addressing me
Just cause I rap, bitch you gittin nasty
Gone wit cho nasty ass pizzazz ashy slash sassy '"b"-atrice

[Repeat 2x]

[Verse 3:]
Beatrices, means more than one bianca they actresses
Bring'em s** toys and guanjah we activist, ain't
No yes boys we monsters and macks at this, bring your
Best noise we conquer

The fact is this; say you don't wanna when you want ta
Relax to this, Extc & Willie Wonka we slaps a bitch
Cause me and my niggas are bonkers we stacks the hits
No coleco tyco or tonkas

Immaculate, give the mutha fucker you honor a laxitive
Cause they boo boo biting paranas my gats will spit
Till you playa hataz are goners like maximus I'm a
Gladiator for nah nah

My raps assist the beat that's disturbing you momma
They scrap to this, welcome wicked witness the trauma
So clap to this while you're puffin' your marijuana
Get back to this beatrices and biancas

[Repeat 2x]

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